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Animal Crisis Care


Animal victims of cruelty, severe neglect and devastating disasters need our help. Together, we can give animals the lifesaving emergency care they deserve.

Real Life

The ferocious storm roared through San Marcos, Texas, destroying homes and tearing families apart. As the rain slammed and shook her house all night, Rosalinda trembled in fear and watched the floodwater rise. She hugged Oreo, her dog, close. Rosalinda needed to evacuate her family to safety - immediately.

What would happen to Oreo? The thought of leaving Oreo behind terrified her.

Thankfully, RedRover had deployed highly skilled volunteers to help care for animals and families impacted by the storm in San Marcos. When a disaster hits, pets need a shelter from the storm where their families can find them and will know they're safe. These animals need food, water and medical care while their families mend their lives. Rosalinda was directed to a shelter where RedRover Responders volunteers were able to keep Oreo safe. Because of supporters like you, RedRover was there to help Rosalinda's community with temporary sheltering and disaster care for pets like Oreo.

Mike Brodersen, a RedRover Responders volunteer and Texas resident, met Oreo and Rosalinda at the emergency shelter. With his care and attention, Rosalinda was confident that Oreo would be safe at the emergency shelter. "She knew Oreo would be safe with the RedRover team while she repaired her home," Mike said.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Rosalinda was reunited with Oreo at the shelter. The disaster was over. Because of people like you who care about animals, they were able to continue their lives together.

"If I was in that storm, I'd be so grateful for someone to help my pets," said Mike. "That could have been me."