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Greyhound Foundation


Racing Greyhounds are starved, abused, abandoned, sold for experimentation, and slaughtered because tracks are closing. Help us rescue, provide medical care, and adopt them.

Real Life

How can a retired Racing Greyhound named HAPPY, save over 10,000 other greyhounds? A few days ago I was asked the question, why does the Greyhound Foundation exist? WHY DO WE DO IT? "For the love of Greyhounds! And the sunshine they bring into my life." And HAPPY, rescued from a Veterinary pain management research lab at a local University. The suffering in his eyes was heartbreaking. His vocal cords had been cut. He never barked again. He could only speak with his eyes. We gave him love and a home. He gave us a cause. Rescuing Retired Racing Greyhounds from the cruelty many are forced to endure. For 23 years, YOU and other friends have been helping the Greyhound Foundation and our partners rescue and adopt over 10,000 retired racing greyhounds and save them from these cruelties. Greyhounds like, Armani, diagnosed with heart worms eating his heart; or Mama Sally eating raw Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Disabled (4D) food to keep her babies alive; or Tosca who cheated death when she broke her leg. Alive today she survives the amputation of a cancerous leg. Headlines like NBC: 12 greyhounds test positive for cocaine at FL race track ; ABC: 32 FL. Greyhounds found starved. FOX: 74 greyhound deaths logged by Florida race tracks bring their plight to the public. YOU and I came to their rescue. Pressured to STOP GREYHOUND RACING! At risk greyhounds are abused, starved, abandoned and need homes. The GF is working to save thousands of greyhounds at risk that are being affected. They URGENTLY depend on YOU and the GF to Rescue, provide medical care and adopt them. Thank you for choosing the Greyhound Foundation Charity this year, #10471.