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Organization Information

Lamp, Inc.


Lamp serves L.A.'s most vulnerable homeless through wrap-around services and housing, enabling them to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency and community integration.

Real Life

Cycling through shelters and hospitals had been the routine for Tabia, until she met a staff from Lamp SafeHaven five years ago. "I had been ignoring my mental health for a long time. Lamp came along and provided me the support to face my mental illness." Tabia says.

Now 40, Tabia lost her parents at a young age. In coping with the loss and her chronic depression, drug addiction became a part of her life. An overdose episode left her hospitalized in a NY psychiatric hospital for two weeks. The shock of hospitalization stopped her drug use. However, her mental health was never addressed adequately.

Despite her addiction recovery, the intensifying symptoms of her mental illness and job instability left her homeless in Los Angeles. Sometimes when the shelters were full, she would ride buses all night to stay away from the street, afraid of the dangers of Skid Row.

Lamp Community provided her a safe place. With her dedication, Tabia has been successful in moving closer toward her life goals. She now lives independently. She continues to attend support groups, and work full-time at Lamp Community. Most importantly, she is being a positive role model for her six children.