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HealthRIGHT 360


We provide care for individuals and families facing societal stigmas and financial hurdles, providing judgment-free healthcare and addiction treatment through immediate outpatient and residential services.

Real Life

Regena Grant has seen her share of hurdles throughout the years, including alcohol and drug dependency, homelessness, prostitution and unplanned pregnancy. In 1990, when she was in premature labor with her second child, she learned that she was HIV-positive. "I just didn't believe it," Regena says. "I didn't go to the doctor, except for prenatal visits. I didn't address the issue at all. I thought I was going to die."

After a decade of drug use, and three months of homelessness, she found herself at Haight Ashbury Free Clinics' program for HIV-positive women. Here, Regena found hope and support to begin the long road to recovery. As she fought to stay clean, one of The Clinics' program managers recognized Regena's talents and potential, and offered her a job if she stayed clean for two years. Today, Regena manages The Clinics' substance abuse detox and recovery programs for women in our facilities on Treasure Island.

Her story is an inspiration to the many women who come through The Clinics' doors seeking hope for a healthy and sober future. Regena recently celebrated six years free of drugs and alcohol, in a new life where every day she helps women reach their potential.