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Lymphedema Network


Affecting some 3-5 million children, women, men in US, lymphedema includes 45+ diseases of the lymphatic system, often from cancer treatment & trauma. Funds support compression garments for low-income patients, research conference, advocacy. THANK YOU!

Real Life

When the Chu family gave birth to their second child, Bryan, they suddenly were faced with one of the greatest challenges of their lives. Bryan was born with Primary Lymphedema: a chronic, often severe swelling of one or more limbs, or other area/s of the body. Bryan’s left foot, leg and buttock were affected – his little foot so puffy that his toes werehidden (though all five were there)! The pediatrician had no knowledge of lymphedema, and when the swelling persisted, he recommended amputation. Luckily, the Chu’s were referred to a surgeon who first contacted the NLN for guidance. To the great relief of Bryan’s parents, amputation was avoided!
         “I don’t know what we would have done if it weren’t for the NLN,” says Mrs. Chu. #8220;They provided immediate comfort and assurance that effective treatment was available, and how to proceed. They referred us to a local lymphedema clinic and provided educational materials and guidance.”
         “Without the NLN,” Mr. Chu adds, “we probably would have made a premature decision that would have been much more traumatic and increased the burden on the family tremendously. The NLN offered us hope, knowledge and answers.”
         Today, Bryan is a vivacious 3-year-old boy attending preschool. And that is our greatest reward!