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Ronald McDonald House Of San Francisco


Child has life-threatening illness. Rushed to San Francisco for specialized care. Parents & siblings sleep on hospital chairs - cannot afford hotel. Help provide a home-away-from-home.

Real Life

The first time I stepped through the front door of the Ronald McDonald House, tears came to my eyes. We'd gone through so much, and a big weight on me was that I'd have to leave Heather and Gio at this place and return to work in Santa Cruz. I'd missed so many days with the twins' hospitalization.

The door to Ronald McDonald House opened to a homey and welcoming place, and a staff you could tell in an instant clearly cared. A rush of relief?they would help watch over my family.

Altogether, Heather and Gio spent 63 days at Ronald McDonald House, with me there every minute I could manage. We rode the "roller coaster" of good news and bad, progress and setbacks of our twin boys.

We were amazed and touched by others' kindness. One day my manager and co-workers at Costco stunned me with the news that they had donated vacation days - twenty eight days in all - so I could rejoin my family at the House. The staff and the volunteers at the House got teary-eyed when they heard that news.

For us, the words "Ronald McDonald House" took on a warmth and meaning we'll keep in our hearts the rest of our lives. Though the twins still need special care, thanks to you, the supporters of Ronald McDonald House, were on the road back. We live each day with hope, grateful there are people like you in the world.

There are other incredible families - we know them! - staying at the House right now.

Will you please join in helping them? Through your gift, you stand beside them at the darkest time in their lives. Your support brings them comfort, hope and love.

Grateful forever to Ronald McDonald House Friends & Supporters.

Jim, Heather, Giovanni, Caleb and Jayden