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Organization Information

Greenacre Homes, Inc.


Residential, educational and vocational programs developing abilities and healthy relationships in boys and young men with developmental delays and emotional disturbances. Serving California since 1975.

Real Life

"We are parents who want the best for our son. Through the Greenacre Homes Vocational Training School program (education program for youths 15-22 years), he is thriving and growing and feels good about himself. Our son resides with a group of young men and has made many friends. He also volunteers 10 hours a week at the local animal shelter, food bank and horseback riding stable and is really connected with the community. Our son looks forward to more independent living and obtaining a meaningful job at some point. We can consider this a possibility because of the dedication of the Greenacre Homes & School staff and quality of the school and other social programs offered by Greenacres."
- Rob and Dana F., parents of a resident/VTS student

"The quality of the staff at Greenacre Homes & School is absolutely unique. They are dedicated, intelligent, caring, loving and extremely competent in their approach to youth. I have been extremely impressed with the services that Greenacre Homes & School provide. The insights of the staff are right on. They take every opportunity to involve family in holiday celebrations, birthdays, graduations and other events. They make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. I believe that Greenacre Homes and School provide superb services to youth."
- George T., Court Appointed Special Advocate for two residents/students