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Organization Information

Kin On Community Health Care


Kin On brings culturally appropriate support services to low-income, non/limited-English speaking Asian seniors and their caregivers.

Real Life

Quotes from clients of Kin On Community Health Care:

"With Kin On's help, we feel a sense of relief and stress off our shoulders. Our family can't do it on our own. We need more resources other than family and Kin On provides this service for us."

"I'm grateful for the interpretation help when I go to the doctor's office with my husband. Social services helps alleviate even more of the language burden? they help arrange doctor appointments for my husband so I don't have to."

"Since our caregiver started coming to help my husband, my stress level has gone down. I'm now able to relax and have some free time to do other things. I really appreciate having someone here (other than family) to talk and interact with my husband."

"Kin On Home Health helped me out so much. They sent a nurse and a physical therapist to my home to assist me with my multiple health problems and taught me rehabilitation exercise. It's so convenient! They answered all my questions about home living and solved all my problems."

"We have used Kin On services in the past and the staff is helpful, loving and caring. They are so responsive to my needs. We know from experience that Kin ON is a good agency to work with."