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Campaign For Equal Justice


The Campaign for Equal Justice and the Legal Foundation of Washington fund civil legal aid for low-income families.In 2016, we helped 30,000 families access free legal help in Washington state.

Real Life

Civil legal aid is a critical tool in the fight against poverty. Every year, the Campaign for Equal Justice helps fund legal services for over 30,000 low-income families in Washington state.

When "Joe and Ellie" moved into their new home, life became unexpectedly complicated. Their unit was half of an illegally split manufactured home, the thermostat was in their neighbor's unit, the electrical wiring was faulty, and there were rats. That winter, they asked the landlord to install storm windows to help them stay warm. Instead, the landlord screwed plexiglass on the outside of the existing windows, blocking all emergency exits except for the door and violating the fire code.

Thankfully Clallam-Jefferson County Pro Bono Lawyers (PBL) was there to help. A volunteer attorney helped Joe and Ellie negotiate with their landlord and contacted local and state inspection agencies who confirmed that the property did not meet building and safety codes. Because of the PBL, Joe and Ellie were able break their lease, and receive all their previously paid rent and security deposit.

Legal aid was critical in helping Joe and Ellie find a safe, livable home.