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Write-Way Prison Ministries


Providing free Bible correspondence courses to inmates, redirecting focus to God and family, ultimately reducing recidivism, establishing a foundation for meaningful living and sustained hope.

Real Life

"As with every course I work, I grow closer to God. I always find a new truth or fresh perspective showing the truth clearly. This course and the comments returned by you all have been so greatly appreciated- assistance to a better understanding of God and His Word and my place in the equation. Your kind words of encouragement and direction have been instrumental in this entire wonderful learning experience." Ted

"Thank you for sending your newsletter. Wow, that's a lot of inmates studying the Word of God! The impact of this will go well beyond these men to others in the prison and to their families. I am confident God's Word is accomplishing exactly what He is sending it forth to do, and it will come back to Him bearing much fruit. What an exciting honor to be involved in that work! May you and all the volunteers at WPM have a joyous Christmas as we celebrate the Savior who came to destroy the works of the devil and bring us into His Kingdom!" jail pastor

"I just received a call from the Chaplain at the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston where they have 10,000 inmates. He thanked me for sending a supply of enrollment forms. He said our courses are the very best of all the courses that come into the jail and they are doctrinally sound. He also said our students are the strongest Christians when released." Branch 003 Manager/Houston

"I would like to say I have graduated two Bible schools, been in another one for four years, and have 20 -30 Bible certificates. But this study here hit home (Doing Time With Jesus). It was very insightful. I enjoyed it very much and, out of all I've done this far, it is the top in my six years of studying. Joseph