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Organization Information

Texas Baptist Children's Home Inc


Providing a haven of hope for children and families in crisis through campus residential programs and community-based outreach/prevention programs.

Real Life

Recently, one of our house pops told the story of a "teachable moment" he'd had with one of the boys in his cottage.The boy, Mark, is 15 years old and really wanted to have a job to earn some extra money.

Mark had applied for a few positions and spent a lot of time "thinking" about getting a job.... and "planning" to get a job.But he had not put his feet to work.His house pop said, "Mark, this is important!Let's go get you a job."

So they left in a campus van and quickly made a few stops where Mark was encouraged to "hold his head up" and "look the manager in the eye."Before long, Mark had been hired...and he now has an income with which to save, spend, and tithe.

These are the daily life lessons being shared and modeled for the children we serve at Texas Baptist Children's Home.Our prayer is that during their time here, the children will develop a daily commitment to Christ and a firm foundation for success when they leave TBCH to return home or begin life on their own.