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Organization Information

Clayton Community Library Foundation


We pay for additional materials and furniture, the library volunteer program (County's most successful), and numerous public programs at the Clayton Community Library.

Real Life

The Clayton Community Library Foundation is proud that the Clayton Community Library (CCL) is able to accomplish its goals with a limited paid staff, and a large pool of volunteers.The paid staff is about 3/5 what is needed to run a library of comparable size. Our staff consists of a librarian at 32 hours a week, a youth services librarian at 30 hours, a 40-hour library clerk, two 30 hour library assistants and two student library assistants 8 and 7 hours. Staff has been down by one 30-hour library assistant since early spring 2000.The CCL has a circulation that is well above libraries of comparable size and hours of operation. From the opening of the CCL the community has come out to support the library by volunteering.Many of the 130 volunteers work 4 hours once a week providing a total of 9,800 hours last year.This is equal to almost 5 full time employees working a full year. Many of our volunteers are seniors and retirees, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their volunteer activities. It is with great pride that the foundation board honors these volunteers at every opportunity.