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Cuban Christian Relief Fund


The poorest suffer most when services are limited or when disaster strikes. Aid is critical in saving the lives of helpless and vulnerable children/families of Cuba. You can make a difference in their lives, help today, to alleviate their suffering.

Real Life

In 2008, three disastrous hurricanes ravaged Cuba, leaving thousands with damaged homes, or none at all.ECHOcuba was well positioned to bring assistance to those in need, through its network of independent Christian churches and ministries. Starting in September, soon after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, ECHOcuba began distributing relief on the island, setting up community kitchens, handing out care packages of basic goods, and providing construction materials wherever possible to those whose homes were so severely damaged.A Pastor, whose church ECHOcuba supports, while assessing the damage in his community found an elderly couple hastily building a mound of rags, scraps of wood, and spreading gasoline on it.Their home was flooded, completely destroyed and uninhabitable.Overwhelmed by this and recent death of their son to cancer, the couple felt no hope and planned to die on the funeral pyre they were building.The Pastor ensured this couple that God does not forsake anyone, and vowed to rebuild their home, not knowing how.Three days later, aid from ECHOcuba reached his town.The congregation pulled together and fixed the couple's home first, and then the community.The couple saw first-hand the bounty and benevolence of the Lord. Like this, ECHOcuba's network of independent churches on the island run ministries that provide a variety of social and human services to the community around them regardless of creed.Thank you for your donations in bringing hope to those in need.