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Women, Children & Family Medical Relief Services


Millions of children under five die from inadequate medical care. We collect/distribute surplus medical supplies to the neediest worldwide. Improving healthcare and the environment.

Real Life

A MedShare shipment of medical supplies and biomedical equipment recently arrived in Kalikot, Nepal to support the work of the Oda Foundation in providing low-cost high-impact healthcare in this remote region. In order to get the supplies there, a 40-foot ocean container traveled from the Port of Savannah, Georgia to the Port of Kolkata, India. Once it cleared customs in India (no small feat in itself), the container began a 20-hour journey by tractor-trailer truck along almost the entire southern border of Nepal to reach a border crossing called Nepalgunj. MedShare operations staff felt this longer route was necessary in order to avoid the civil unrest along the main border crossing from India to Nepal. Once at the Nepalgunj border crossing, the truck carried the container across the border to a place called Surkhet, the last major city before the roads become extremely challenging. From there, the container had to be unloaded and reloaded into smaller trucks in order to traverse the mountainous roadways. The smaller trucks then drove on a narrow road to Kalikot, where teams of volunteers literally hiked the rest of the way, carrying 1,000 boxes of supplies and medical equipment to the project site. The supplies MedShare sent via the Oda Foundation helped nearly 17,000 patients. They are thankful for our support and we are immensely grateful for their efforts to strengthen health systems in this remote part of our world. You are a vital part of the MedShare mission and we are grateful to you for supporting our work and making such an impact possible.