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Disabled Children, Adults & Seniors: Lives Enhanced by FODAC


Keeping people with disabilities moving! We provide refurbished, affordable wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment to people in need. Restoring hope, healing and life!

Real Life

Received a walker and bedside commode: My mother lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and I thank God for your assistance.

Received a Pediatric trainer: It is for my child. She cannot sit or stand alone but, the items that I got can help her learn to use her legs. - Laura Brooks

Received a wheelchair: First of all, my life is changed because I no longer have to depend on others and get my emotions hurt and I can help myself more. - Lucille Johnson

Received wheelchair: She has congestive heart failure. The wheelchair will help with my mother's quality of life. - Watchen Bruce

Received a walker and bedside commode: I am getting these items for my father because they will help him to be independent and prevent any injuries because he is not stable on his feet. - Comfort Oguntoye

Received an adaptive tricycle: My daughter will use the tricycle to help exercise her leg muscle and to increase mobility. She has wanted a bike for two years and Thank God!!!! She has one. - Mother of Charis Hunter

Received wheelchair and reacher: "I'm an Occupational Therapist and I injured my back working with a patient ....on occasion I have difficulty being mobile. Thank you all so much for all your help." - Sherri Ozcomert

Received a wheelchair: Jeremy needs a wheelchair at school. - Yvonne Williams, mother of Jeremy

Received a Kid Cart: Helped my child to go to school on the bus. - Cheryl DeBrossee for Keith