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Air Charity Network


Matching people in crisis with free flights and other travel resources that provide healing and hope. An individual in need is flown every 24 minutes.

Real Life

Air Charity Network Sends 'Angels' to Struggling Patient

For Carol, 51, Air Charity Network was the bright spot in an otherwise challenging 2012. Diagnosed at 30 with mixed connective tissue disease, she never knows exactly where her disease will strike next or what other associated conditions will surface. Mixed connective tissue disease, a rare autoimmune condition, manifests itself with symptoms of several other diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It is generally characterized by swollen hands, muscle and joint pain, lung and breathing problems, fatigue and a feeling of being unwell. Carol says, "You never know what's going to happen next," and so she tries to live life as fully as she can.

Carol's oncologist --she is being followed because of markers for multiple myeloma -- became concerned about her extremely low oxygen levels. She had been feeling particularly tired and out of breath with very low energy, symptoms common with mixed connective tissue disease.

After a long summer on oxygen and steroids, she showed little improvement. A referral was made to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, which specializes in breathing problems. However, the family felt they could not afford the flight. Through her sister-in-law, Carol learned about Air Charity Network. "Within a couple of minutes" of calling she was told yes, that transportation could be arranged.

Carol is still humbled by the goodness and compassion of her volunteer angels, who provided her with free travel in their small planes. "I could not believe there were people out there who were so wonderful!" she said.