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Angel Airlift Mid-Atlantic


Volunteer pilots in eastern states helping needy patients. Your gift helps provide free air transportation to and/or from distant specialized life-saving treatment.

Real Life

Angel Airlift: Hope on Wings

Jamion is a nine-year-old boy who likes planes, basketball, and Disney. He lives with his grandmother, Queen, and is an only child.

However, Jamion had two life-threatening illnesses: Moyamoya disease and Ebstein's anomaly.

Moyamoya disease is a condition where arteries at the base of the brain suffer blockage. To compensate, smaller blood vessels form a tangle. This can cause strokes and other serious problems. The only way to cure Moyamoya disease is surgery.

Ebstein's anomaly is a rare heart condition. People with Ebstein's anomaly have a heart valve that's positioned abnormally or deformed, which causes blood to flow the wrong way. This can cause heart swelling and build-up of fluid in the body. Complications include brain abscesses. Ebstein's anomaly can be treated with medication and oxygen, but sometimes surgery is the only option.

None of the hospitals in Jamion's area could treat him. The hospital that specialized in treating his conditions was in Boston. A social worker told Queen about Angel Airlift.

When Jamion arrived at the hospital, the doctors were faced with a dilemma. Both of the conditions required surgery. What would they operate on first? They decided to do the brain surgery first.

He had to take a second flight to Boston for a post-operation check-up. Angel Airlift came to their aid once again.

Now, Jamion is completely cured. When hope and healing seem far away, Angel Airlift flies in to help.