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Global Community Service Foundation Working in Vietnam & Burma


Change lives. Your donation opens schoolroom doors, brings doctors to the sick, dignity to the disabled and economic opportunities to people in Vietnam and Burma.

Real Life

Global Community Service Foundation (GCSF) which has been involved in health, education and economic development in the region for many years hopes to help Nguyen Van Bong's family and others like them.

Sisters Tai, 25, and Thuyet, 20, are sprawled on a spare rattan bed, tended closely by their mother, a virtual around-the-clock occupation.They have almost no control over their limbs. They cannot talk or recognize their own names. They can only eat liquid foods and gurgle in hoarse voices when hungry.

Medically, the girls suffer from Spina Bifida (spinal deformity) which was diagnosed a few months after their births and which lead to severe neurological problems.

The father, used to work on the forests along the Vietnam-Laos border during and after the war and they were subject to repeated defoliation efforts.Central Vietnam suffered widespread defoliation campaigns during 1960/70s and there are high numbers of victims.After years of neglect and denial they are beginning to receive some attention and help, but the overall need remains desperate.

The mother and other children do not suffer any problems - the terrifying facts are that the effects can strike randomly, and emerging years later.

Nearby, all four children of 65-year-old Tran Dan suffer from symptoms as the results of Agent Orange.Unlike their neighbors, these children can walk with a struggle and their father has built a set of parallel bars in the courtyard to encourage them to regain the use of their limbs.

Funds raised by GCSF will help to establish a rehab center where children would undergo therapy and training and allow the parents to devote more time to working and earning a salary.