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Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund


Helps adults and children prevent all types of cancer and choose the most effective treatments. Saving lives every day with research, help, and hope.

Real Life

The doctor told Catherine that she had "pre-cancerous" breasts. Terrified, she had both her breasts removed. After numerous complications and additional surgeries, she called us. We helped her think through her medical options and we also helped her tell her story to thousands of health professionals and other patients, so that this won't happen to other women.

Every year, tens of thousands of women are diagnosed with "pre-cancerous" conditions, most of which would never have become cancer. Even more are diagnosed with very early breast cancer. Too many of these women undergo mastectomies they don't need, and many will live shorter rather than longer lives as a result. Some are so frightened by the word "cancer" that they make a quick treatment decision they later regret. Some doctors don't clearly explain equally safe alternatives to mastectomy, such as lumpectomy and radiation.

The situation is similar for prostate cancer. Experts agree that the treatment for very early, slow-growing prostate cancer has life-changing risks (such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence) which often outweigh the benefits.

Our goals for 2015: 10,000 fewer unnecessary mastectomies and prostate surgeries. With your help, we can do it by ensuring that men and women understand their treatment options and how to prevent cancer, doctors communicate more clearly, and insurance companies are required to reimburse effective treatments.

If you or someone you love has cancer, we help make sure you get the information and services you need.

And we also help pass laws to remove toxins from food, medicine, children's products, and pet food.