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Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry


Give nutritious meat to hungry children and families nationwide! We pay the butchering fees for deer and livestock donated by hunters and farmers. The meat is given to local food banks and ministries that feed the hungry. One deer can provide 200 meals!

Real Life

From FHFH Founder Rick Wilson

It was 17 years ago and I was driving down a Virginia highway in late September to meet with some friends. We were planning to clear a little brush at the farm where we hunted and celebrate the landowner's birthday with a barbecue. About five miles before turning down the gravel farm lane I spotted a woman standing by her car with the trunk open. I was a little late and tempted not to stop. I'm glad I did.

When I asked if her car was broken she said, "No, but could you please help me over here beside these bushes.'' What was waiting for me over beside those bushes? I followed hesitantly until I spotted a fat but slightly battered 6 point buck. "Could you please help me put this in my trunk?" she asked.

When I asked if she had hit the deer with her car she said, "No." I told her that unless she reported the deer to the police she could be issued a citation for transporting an untagged deer. She looked into my eyes and said very deliberately, "I don't kids and me are hungry." With that we loaded the deer into her trunk. Standing there as she drove away, I knew I had just looked into the eyes of Jesus.

That roadside encounter led to the formation of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry—a ministry dedicated to helping hunters become food providers for their hungry neighbors.