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Child Slavery, Trafficking and Forced Labor Rescue


Devoted to rescuing children facing human trafficking and slavery; protecting exploited child laborers from carpet factories and apparel sheds in Asia; and offering youth development, counseling, rehabilitation and education to fight the cycle of poverty.

Real Life

Her future starts now… 152 million children toil in child labor today. That is one in every 10 kids in the world. Often forfeiting the chance to ever begin school, these children have the highest illiteracy rates in the world. More than 100 goods we use every day, from chocolate to jewelry to bricks, involve child labor, and while it's illegal in most parts of the world, still kids are sewing clothes in India or weaving carpets in Nepal. Because they face the lowest wages and harshest conditions, and never become educated, they grow up in poverty and pass that poverty on for generations to come. But you can help. Nirmala was born in a very poor family in Nepal. She never saw a day when there was enough food for her family, and often she went to bed hungry. She told us "I used to cry by myself inside my heart." When she was 10, she ran away to relieve her parents' financial burden, and started work in a carpet factory. While her hands became bloody, she was never paid a single rupee. A Child Slavery, Trafficking and Forced Labor inspector found Nirmala and brought her to our transit home for rescued children. She arrived barefoot and counselors slowly worked on helping her to laugh again. Slowly she started coming back to life. She has begun a diary now and the first pages read: "my true story begins now…" Thanks to your support we can help more children like Nirmala "come back" to life and start their future anew.