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Organization Information

Wildlife Habitat Council, Inc.


The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) promotes and certifies habitat conservation and management on working lands through partnerships and education.

Real Life

Through the facilitation of the Wildlife Habitat Council, two long-time adversaries, U.S. Steel and Save the Dunes Council, were able to find a mutually beneficial solution. Save the Dunes Council is a conservation organization dedicated to preserving the remaining dunes ecosystems along Lake Michigan. U.S. Steel's Gary Works, located in this area, was percieved as threatening this ecosystem. Prior to mediation by Wildlife Habitat Council, little progress had been made in resolving this classic conservation vs. industry confrontation.

The Wildlife Habitat Council increased communication and cooperation between the two organizations, thereby reducing unproductive confrontation. Methods were developed to protect the dunes ecosystem while maintaining the vitality of industry operations. A win-win solution was achieved in which the objectives of both organizations were realized. In a testament to the Wildlife Habitat Council's success, both organizations are represented on the Council's Board of Directors.