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Organization Information

Rockville Women's Center


Faith-based clinic helping women. All services are free including: pregnancy testing, counseling, ultrasounds, and STD testing. Pre-natal and parenting courses include individualized mentoring.

Real Life

Megan was 20 weeks pregnant and considering abortion because her mother, whom she lived with, was still angry about the pregnancy and her boyfriend was no longer in the picture. She felt all alone and didn't have good resources. She had already made an appointment with the abortion clinic, but had come here for the free sonogram.

Here at the RPC she met with a compassionate and loving lay counselor who spoke with her, for a very long time, about her difficult situation. She also received a free sonogram. When Megan saw her baby she was overwhelmed with joy! That caused her to want to accept help. Her RPC counselor found her a maternity home, helped her pack, and moved her there. The maternity home is helping her with prenatal care, parenting resources, and will later help her become stable.

We were here for Megan because of the many people that support the RPC. Join us!