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Jewish Institute for National Security of America


Securing America, Strengthening Israel. JINSA programs bolster US national security, advocate for a strong US military, and help maintain our strategic relationship with Israel.

Real Life

JINSA Supports our Troops!

Since 2003, JINSA's Deserving Soldiers Holiday appeal has distributed funds to military families in the US Special Operations Command (USSOC), who are identified by their unit commanders as needing financial assistance during the holiday season.These families have or had a breadwinner serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and many have had a family member killed in action.From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, JINSA disburses the funds to Service Foundations from which they are forwarded to military units where they ensure a holiday celebration for our troops!Additionally, a percentage of the contributions go to assist America's military heroes who have suffered grievous injuries in combat.

MG Sidney Shachnow, USA (ret) of JINSA's Board of Advisors, served as the fund's advisor and coordinator and said about the program, "We ? frequently wish there were some, small way in which we could lighten the burden and sorrow.Well, this past holiday season a number of JINSA members and supporters took that extra step ? For those who have been injured, often as amputees, any financial assistance ? not only helps them as they face a challenging future, but lets them know how much we appreciate them."

General Bryan "Doug" Brown, USA (ret), then Commander of USSOC remarked, "[JINSA's] actions have stimulated enormous reassurance and generosity from the home front, which has contributed greatly to the well-being of our Special Operation Forces on the battlefield."