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Children's Rescue - Chesapeake Center for Youth Development


Lifting young lives since 1974 with comprehensive services focused on educational opportunities, soc1al work supports , job readiness, training, placement and job retention for disadvantaged youth.

Real Life

Ten years ago, Aaron attended the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development's Alternative School. He was at the school because he had been arrested and he was referred to CCYD by his probation officer. Like most kids he arrived looking tough and not knowing what to expect. He stuck it out and stayed in classes and then enrolled in our Food Service Training at the Hollywood Diner. After leaving CCYD, he kept in touch and continued working in the food service industry.

Just a few months ago, when CCYD was looking for new staff, Aaron was hired as a manager at the Diner! So now HE is helping at-risk youth who, like himself, need the support of caring adults.Aaron is a wonderful mentor to the current group of trainees and he is a mature, levelheaded manager.

Research shows that even as late as high school supportive adults can have an enormous impact on a young life.The "tough guy" act dissolves and doors open. That's what is so rewarding about working at CCYD, seeing youth come back 2, 5 or even 20 years later to let you know what they are doing now. These adults are living full lives now, working and raising a family.