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Cancer Drug Discovery at SBP Medical Discovery Institute


Science Benefiting Patients: Our Scientists conduct world-class, collaborative, biological research and translate discoveries for the benefit of patients. We educate the next generation of scientists to continue our work in improving human health.

Real Life

"I consider the efforts of the scientists at Sanford-Burnham - to find new therapies and cures for diseases such as cancer - just as exciting as the explorations of great captains like Magellan and Cabrillo," says Ray Gordon. "The goals today are every bit as obscure; but the value to the civilized world is as great or even more valuable."

Ray Gordon was born September 12, 1921 in Monticello, Arkansas.As a young boy, Ray suffered through four serious illnesses.He was near death several times and endured long recovery periods.During that time, Ray escaped through books about scientists and inventors dedicated to solving the problems of life.

"Every day, I appreciate the need for medical discovery to combat so many areas of attack on the human race," says Ray."During my four score years of life I've become aware of my own mortality. I lost my wife of 46 years to lung cancer and over half of my college graduation class has died of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer's."

"I am proud to join others who support the outstanding research at Sanford-Burnham. I feel that I am watching the future of medicine arrive. To date, they have made many discoveries.Later I will be able to say, 'I was there!' "