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Organization Information

Hearts United for Animals


National No-kill shelter and sanctuary, financial assistance for family pets needing veterinary care, providing shelter for pets of domestic abuse families, National Anti-Puppy Mill Campaign.

Real Life

Thrown from a Moving Vehicle And Left for Dead HUA received a call from a kind person in Oklahoma asking for help. She had seen a puppy thrown from the window of a truck and left for dead on the highway. Once the puppy regained consciousness, she picked hundreds of ticks off her tiny body. The puppy, named Abbi, was brought to an animal control center, but she refused to eat and was dying. After two weeks, Abbi was still showing little sign of improvement and resources had been exhausted. She was hydrated, but was barely hanging on. Arrangements were made to bring Abbi to HUA. Abbi went from HUA directly to a specialist for evaluation. Her liver numbers were off the charts. She tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease, was anemic and infested with mange mites. She had no internal parasites as apparently there wasn't much left of her to feast upon. After 24 hours of treatment in intensive care, Abbi began to eat, and not just a little bit. She gobbled! At first she was fed four meals a day with liver supplements and goat milk. Abbi started to plump up and grow like a weed. Within three weeks Abbi had doubled her weight and within five weeks, she had tripled it. Abbi never had a chance to be a normal puppy, but she's making up for it now. Catherine, a lady Labrador who had much to overcome herself, took Abbi under her paw and taught her some neat games of chase and tug-of-war. Abbi loves toys, and she adores her caregivers and the volunteers who all dote on her. She is so loving to people, even after being thrown out of a vehicle by one of them. She is a sweet, innocent angel now ready for a loving home.