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Veterans, Forever Soldiers


Eliminating Veteran homelessness. Veteran-specific supportive services and emergency/transitional housing to honorably discharged homeless and traumatized veterans is what they deserve. Giving hope; restoring dignity.

Real Life

Prevention is half the battle! Veterans have contacted us for rental assistance. Unfortunately, we too are not yet in the position to offer financial help. And as it stands, the systems are set up so that a veteran must already be out on the streets before he/she can get help. Still, those who have contacted us from off the streets find little relief.

One veteran family (working and living in apartment) who had contacted us was promised a grant from our local Department of Social Services pending they gather the balance of money they needed first. By the time they returned to DSS, the grant was already awarded to someone else. Together, Wishing Well and the veteran family tried many other agencies to find help. Unfortunately, we too are not yet in the position to offer financial assistance. One organization in Baltimore offered possible assistance, based on criteria. Wishing Well has since made numerous unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with the family. What has happened to this veteran and his teenage daughter?

We know these are challenging times for everyone. That is why Wishing Well has designed grassroots fundraising efforts so that many who want to help will have a chance to do so. For example, our "Friends for Cause Spare Change? Campaign," asks supporters to donate just 50 cents each and to encourage friends to do the same. Together our 50 cents work.

Too many of our nation's veterans are still not getting the help they need. The problems are not new. Our governments, our communities, our families should be doing better at it. Our veterans are counting on us.