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Horse Charities of America


Every horse is only one unlucky sale away from abuse, neglect and slaughter. Over 100,000 of America's horses are shipped over the border for slaughter each year. We are committed to re-homing America's horses as companions, teachers and healers.

Real Life

Jane is a young woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She describes herself as self-reliant, but for most of her life she has dealt with issues of balance, a "wobbly" gait, uneven speech patterns and other debilitating and embarrassing issues. Jane's neurologist recommended that she try Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT).

The morning after Jane's first session on Ice, a wonderful Icelandic horse, she carried her glass of water from the kitchen to her room, as she always did. She walked very carefully because the water always sloshed back and forth and spilled. But this time, the water just moved slightly. She thought, "This can't be right, what's going on?" So she did it again. The same thing happened.

At her next session on Ice, the instructor explained that while riding a horse you learn to separate the top half of your body from the bottom half and you have more stability. She had no idea that horseback riding could truly help in this way!

Jane now carries hot coffee! Whenever she feels wobbly, she says to herself, "You're riding Ice. Move as if you are riding Ice." Jane was able to change how MS affected her life - something she had grown accustomed to having very little control over. Jane said, "This is huge for me - an awesome and freeing experience! I am no longer a prisoner of MS!"

Horse Charities of America (HCA) aka EQUUS Foundation provide resources and financial support to equine organizations operating at the highest standards of horse care and use and for programs where it is needed most thanks to the donations of special individuals and organizations who recognize the magic and power of horses in our lives.