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Aid for African Catholic Missions


Alleviate human suffering among the poor and marginalized in East Africa. Help supply basic human/spiritual needs; build churches, schools, health clinics and youth hostels.

Real Life

My name is Restituta and I come from the village of Kilema, TZ. I was born into a poor family with six children. My parents are ordinary farmers surviving day to day with the little they can grow for us children. None of my brothers or sisters are educated enough to hold a job.

It was Sr. Anne of the Holy Cross Sisters that took the initiative for my education. I was a small child, weak and ignorant of everything. Since then I have learned to value the truth, to live in love and to help others. I know the value of hard work, sacrifice, cleanliness and punctuality, but above all to pray and trust in God. The reward has been good results in school and what I am today.

Education is shaping my future for the good. It is women who will be able to take care of the family and society. When family life is in order, everything goes well. My dream is to become a nurse and to care for sick people. I decided this after seeing the sufferings of people in the hospitals due to the lack of proper care. I love to care for the sick.

I thank Aid for African Catholic Missions and my parent sponsors for supporting me. God bless them for their love and concern for me. I pray that all those who dedicate their life to the service of the needy, may find their strength in God. I love every one of you for all that you are to every child in the world!

Restituta Kimyaryo

We serve Christ by bringing comfort, hope and joy to those who lack the basic necessities of life.