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Seedlings Braille Books for Children


Open the world of literacy to blind children by putting high-quality, free or low-cost Braille books at their fingertips! From toddler board books to literary classics. Every $10 donation makes another book possible!

Real Life

Blind since birth, Kevin entered this world with cataracts and glaucoma requiring multiple surgeries. As a result, he can only see light, shadows and bright colors yet his abilities are as boundless as his energy thanks to the books made available to him from Seedlings Braille Books for Children.

Kevin has been enjoying braille books from Seedlings since he was three years old. Because Seedlings' books allowed his family to introduce braille at an early age and surround Kevin with books, he has become an avid reader with excellent braille literacy skills.

In 2006, 12-year-old Kevin won first place for his age group at the National Braille Challenge in Los Angeles. The access that Kevin has to mainstream literature as well as research materials through Seedlings has been crucial to Kevin's success as a student, and his joy as a reader.

Less than 5% of what is available to sighted children is ever produced in braille. Kevin cannot go to the local bookstore for braille books, but Seedlings brings the thrill of a bookstore to him with a continuous selection of new titles.

Kevin's world is limitless with braille!