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Organization Information

Paws'itive Teams, Inc.


Train service dogs to assist mobility-limited persons in achieving independence and enhance the lives of persons living in San Diego County through animal assisted therapy.

Real Life

Our newest service dog team is 12 year old Alex Milton and Golden Retriever Ayrn. Alex was diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy at age seven. Paws'itive Teams trainers worked closely with the Milton family through the 4 month transition training period, which included weekly sessions in the family's home and weekend sessions in a variety of public settings, including Sea World. Alex has become a very effective leader for Ayrn, who clearly adores and loves working for him. The most valuable tasks she performs include picking up items Alex drops, bringing his game controller to him when he wants to play a video game, tugging chairs in his path and getting his parents in an emergency, Alex is a Boy Scout and has already made plans for Ayrn to earn her own badges and even join him at camp. Needless to say, this is a very active household and Ayrn thrives with all the excitement. Whenever Alex asks for Ayrn's help, she prances to him with her head held high and tail waving like a feather in the breeze. It's as if she can't get there soon enough.