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Lighthouse Christian Counseling, Inc.


Providing a pathway out of darkness and bringing HOPE to troubled lives for over 30 years through affordable, biblical, counseling services.

Real Life

When I was four years old, I was molested by a 17-year-old neighbor. The molestation went on for about a year because he said I would get in trouble if I told anyone. When my family moved to a new neighborhood the abuse stopped, but by then, the emotional damage was done. As I developed into a teenager, I started hating myself - not only because of what had happened to me, but also because I thought I couldn't share my feelings with anyone. I began to connect with older people who were sexually active, using drugs and involved in criminal activities. It was only many years later that I began to get my life on the right track, with God's help. One of the ways God helped me was through Lighthouse Counseling Services. I used to think counseling was only for crazy people. When a friend recommended I call Lighthouse I thought, "I'm not crazy. Why is he giving me this information?" It took a series of panic attacks for me to finally call for an appointment. If you need a place to help you overcome past or present issues, you can reach out to the Lighthouse. It's a great place to get the proper tools to set healthy Christian boundaries for your life. They did it for me and I know they can do it for you.