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Bridges of Promise


20% Tanzanian child mortality. Orphans left uneducated. Girls walk 8 hours to fetch polluted water. Help us provide education scholarships, clean water and health services.

Real Life

In 2003, at the age of 17, Sikitu Longino was left an orphan with no inheritance but a tiny shack in Mwanza City and two young siblings to care for - her parents the victims of AIDS and malaria. Reaching for the means to survive, Sikitu learned to plait women's hair and began to work to take care of her brother and sister. Standing for long hours and intricately braiding women's hair in the sticky afternoon heat, she was able, off and on, to attend school in the mornings. Her dream was to become a teacher. But school is not free in Tanzania, and Sikitu eventually was faced with the demand of either dropping out or not taking care of her family. Sikitu became a BOP scholarship recipient in 2009 and she will be graduating with her primary school teaching certification in Dec 2011. She is already interviewing for teaching positions. Because someone believed in Sikitu, she'll not only be able to have a better life, but as a teacher, she'll be giving back to the community and inspiring others to aim high. BOP is 100% volunteer operated - we take no salaries - donations directly benefit the orphans of Rulenge-Ngara, Tanzania.