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Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors


Providing free travel for wounded warriors/veterans to train with/acquire service dogs or travel for medical treatment to gain mobility and normalcy in life.

Real Life

Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors Provides Lifetime Gift

Amanda Frey is an Air Force veteran. When she received a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, she had to return to civilian life. The TBI affected her mobility and balance, to the point where her husband was afraid to leave her in the house for even a few hours.

Heather Fall is a veteran who lives in Texas. Fall works as a service dog trainer for a non-profit, Shepherds for Lost Sheep. She received her first service dog in 2008. Having a service dog helped her regain independence. Her goal is to help other veterans experience the same.

Frey heard about Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors through Shepherds for Lost Sheep. Frey's husband is active-duty, so traveling to meet a service dog and trainer was out of the question. Angel Airlines for Veterans was able to bring Fall on a round-trip flight. Orion, who would become Frey's service dog, accompanied his trainer on the flight.

Air transportation and the related costs are often obstacles for veterans. Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors flies high above that obstacle by providing free flights to those who need it

Orion has helped Frey regain independence. Frey's husband is more comfortable leaving her home alone. They look forward to traveling.

Thanks to Orion, Frey can recover from falls without external help and be more mobile throughout the day. Best of all, she's never truly alone.

"I'm lucky enough to have a constant companion watching my back."