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Empower Impoverished Women: Microenterprise for Global Artisans & Crafters


SEED Charities/Threads of Hope works to end the cycle of poverty & empower needy women & disabled adults. We aid disadvantaged, indigenous artisans through handcraft sales, grants for education, healthcare, housing, & microloans for business development.

Real Life

In 1999, Solfina was desperate, raising three pre-teen children in a makeshift shanty in Lima, Peru. She sought refuge from an abusive, alcoholic husband and the father of her children. She hoped opportunity might be found if she came to the city. By God's grace, opportunity was found when she was connected to Threads of Hope. Solfina learned to sew the beautiful indigenous textiles of her region, and was grateful to work from home so that she could be there to raise her children. She persevered through trials while receiving support, encouragement, friendship, & training from Threads of Hope, which led her to this new path of opportunity and empowerment. By 2004, and through the ToH Grant process, she and the children had secured a plot of land, built a security wall and three rooms with a roof, electricity, & water. While visiting Solfina in 2006 we inquired, "What is next...concrete floors, a proper bathroom?" Solfina smiled the most beautiful smile and said, "No, I am putting my son through law school." Gustavo, did indeed go to law school, and graduated in 2011. He then worked as a clerk, gaining experience and knowledge, then sat for the equivalent of the bar in 2013. What a milestone: Gustavo passed all his exams, oral and written, and is now a practicing attorney in Lima. Threads of Hope is committed to the long road - fifteen years of ongoing support for an unstoppable woman and her children, who simply needed hope and opportunity. Poverty alleviation and transformation do not happen quickly or easily. We are proud to partner for the long haul, and feel privileged to work with the remarkable women who really can, and do, change the world.