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Organization Information

Hebrew Charter School Center


Creating academically rigorous dual-language charter schools that teach children of all backgrounds to become fluent and literate in Modern Hebrew.

Real Life

Name: Alexia Newell

School: Hatikvah International

Age/Grade: 10yo / 5th Grade

Parents: Garth Newell, a network engineer at Verizon, and Laurie Newell, a chief reform and innovations officer for Paterson (N.J.) public schools. Both parents came to the U.S. from Jamaica as teenagers in pursuit of a better education and more opportunities.

Why Hatikvah?: This is an opportunity for Alexia to learn a second language.

Benefits of Hatikvah: Alexia entered Hatikvah in first grade and is speaking Hebrew. She has friends from diverse cultural backgrounds and understands that she is part of the global community. As a result she has learned to respect differences in people and culture.

Plans Beyond Hatikvah: Garth and Laurie will ensure Alexia continues to get stronger speaking Hebrew, possibly by enrolling her in additional classes.