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Angel Airlines for Cancer Patients


Access to the best possible care available, regardless of location. Our free or reduced-rate airline tickets for cancer patients and family members help save lives!

Real Life

Boy's Brave Journey Aided by Flights

First it was a car accident resulting in whiplash. Then an athletic injury to the kneecap. Those two injuries resulted in "the perfect storm" in her son Tommy's life, according to his mother, Susan.

Tommy developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS. CPRS is defined as "a progressive disease of the central nervous system ranked as the most painful form of chronic pain that exists today."

Susan took her son to the University of California-Davis Medical Center and Stanford with hopes of finding a successful therapy. The treatments were ineffective.

Susan went to work researching physicians experienced with treating CRPS. She found a doctor in Rhode Island. Then, she learned about Angel Airlines for Cancer through an online support group. Angel Airlines for Cancer provided the flight to Rhode Island. An examination led to another diagnosis: a connective tissue disorder and two other conditions.

Later, Angel Airlines for Cancer provided a trip to the Florida Spine Institute. Tommy found relief for his agony under the care of renowned specialist, Dr. Ashraf Hanna.

"We continued without any change for nine days," Susan said. "During the middle of the night on the 10th day, Tommy woke me up and told me his pain was gone!" In order to reset the brain and break the pain pattern, Dr. Hanna said that it may take many 20-30 day treatment sessions before he is functional again.

Tommy is now 13. Despite his challenges, he has an outward focus. "I want people to remember that everyone is struggling with something that no one can see so we should all be kind. Always."