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Hereditary Disease Foundation


We help find treatments and cures for genetic and neurological disorders affecting populations worldwide by supporting the most knowledgeable and dedicated researchers in bio-science today.

Real Life

"Real Life Story"

We first met Paul and Sara, a couple in their mid-twenties, in 1985. Paul had watched his father suffer with and die from Huntington's disease - a slow, fatal neurodegenerative disease with mid-life onset. He wanted to undergo a DNA marker test that had recently been developed because of research funded by the HEREDITARY DISEASE FOUNDATION. To do the test, blood samples from many of Paul's relatives were needed. Unfortunately the disease already had claimed much of his family.

Paul had to wait until 1993, when the research group created and funded by the HEREDITARY DISEASE FOUNDATION found the actual gene that causes Huntington's disease.

"I just need the truth" Paul told us before he left the office. "Whatever the result, I'll be all right."

Two weeks later, Paul and Sara, holding hands, received the result.

"I'm sorry," they were told. "It's positive."

The HEREDITARY DISEASE FOUNDATION's dream is that Huntington's disease will be stopped before it has time to take over Paul's body. Our mission is to find cures for Paul and Sara and others like them who suffer from hereditary illness.