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Nurturing Network


Facing an unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming. We provide training and support so a woman can nurture both her child's life and her own.

Real Life


We are honored to share with you the story of just one of the mothers whom the Nurturing Network has had the opportunity to serve.

Alvina was nine credits away from completing the course work for her doctorate in biochemistry at a major state university when she became pregnant. Alvina wanted very much to keep her pregnancy confidential, but she knew that if she moved away it would not be easy to find another university that offered the specific class she needed to finish her degree. TNN activated one of its many cluster communities and arranged for Alvina to be relocated to another state within two weeks. Network members helped expedite her transfer to a local university where she was given a full academic scholarship and special tutoring so that she could finish her doctoral degree. Alvina's considered seriously considered adoption for her child but toward the end of her pregnancy chose parenting.

" I thank God for your creativity and persistence to implement such a sensitively practical solution which offers desperate and helpless individuals like myself an option to consider. The overwhelming kindness and generosity I have experienced since I contacted TNN has made me look at the world with a much more positive outlook."