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Women's Health & Counseling Center (Zufall Health Center)


Improving women and adolescents' lives through primary, reproductive, and preventative health care, cancer screenings, sexual assault support services, low-cost medications, and health education programs.

Real Life

This year, Women's Health & Counseling Center diagnosed our youngest-ever breast cancer patient. She is a 25 year old nursing student, working two part-time jobs to put herself through school. She wasn't feeling well for a few months and, because she didn't have health insurance, delayed seeking care.

She found out about WHCC through a friend who told her that WHCC will never turn a patient away from receiving care regardless of ability to pay. She made an appointment and during her complete exam, a lump was found in her breast.

Although this is a traumatic, life-threatening experience for this young woman, who is now receiving all of the care that she needs through WHCC partner programs, she is lucky. What would happen to her if WHCC didn't exist? Please help us help those most in need.