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End illiteracy and inequality for women and girls! Help support gender quality, economic development, entrepreneurship and education in Turkey.

Real Life

"My father would not send me to private courses to get ready for the high school entrance exam but the owner of the preparatory school gave me a discount and so I managed to attend. We are trying to pay the rest of the course money by selling beans my mother has planted. My mother sometimes works in gardens and brings home potatoes. Neither my mother nor I will give up." - Excerpt from a scholarship application

Forty-five percent of girls in Southeast Turkey cannot read or write. Either their fathers or brothers do not approve of their education, they believe they are more useful in the house or they simply can't afford all the expenses of schooling. Whatever the reason may be, almost half of the women in the region are illiterate. One of the most effective reactions to this appalling figure was by The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life.

This organization steps outside the box and pays special, personalized visits to rural communities in search for girls that are being left behind. They attempt to convince the parents of the long-term economic gain of their daughter attending school. If the families accept, they provide the family with a monthly stipend to be used for books, preparatory classes and other expenses.

CYDD is just one of Turkish Philanthropy Funds' (TPF) 45 partners that focuses on Gender Equality, Education and Social & Economic Development in Turkey. TPF chooses the best and the most effective NGO partners through a secure vetting process.