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Organization Information

Soles4Souls, Inc.


Soles4Souls fights poverty by providing new shoes and clothing to those who do without in 127 countries, including all 50 U.S. states; and by helping the disadvantaged in the developing world start and maintain small businesses selling shoes and clothes.

Real Life

On one of our recent trips to Haiti, we visited the town of Cabaret.

Calling it "remote" would be an understatement. Our team turned off the highway, made their way down an unpaved road and drove through thick banana fields. Then suddenly the view opened up, revealing nothing but ocean. They had reached our shoe distribution site.

The entire community greeted them with warm smiles and hugs. Our team gathered water from the ocean to use for our foot-washing stations and set up inside a small building.

The children slowly started to file in one-by-one.

For every child coming in with an old and torn pair of shoes, there were at least eight more who were completely barefoot.

We distributed close to 200 pairs of new shoes that morning. But for most of the children, these shoes weren't "new" at all. They were their ONLY pair…

Later that evening, this distribution became the topic of conversation. The location's natural beauty contrasted sharply with the harsh poverty common in this nation, a puzzle to everyone.

When we hear about the millions of children living in extreme poverty, it's easy to feel a bit helpless. Poverty is a complicated issue. But you can do something about it today!

The simple gift of shoes is often the first step toward greater opportunity. Without adequate shoes, many children will not be able to attend school and pursue a better life. Others are left susceptible to parasitic diseases, which can cause lifelong debilitation.

Through Soles4Souls' model, every $1 you donate means we can deliver one more pair of shoes to someone in need.