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Lung Cancer Circle of Hope


Anyone can get lung cancer, smoker or not. Support our educational programs to create awareness of the leading cause of cancer deaths

Real Life

How I Met My Mother (and How She Came to Meet Me) by Susan Levin, founder of LCCH.

While my mother's diagnosis of late stage lung cancer was devastating, it was also a gift; we discovered a world that neither of us could have imagined because for the first time we became not only mother and daughter we became friends.

My late mother was 72 years old and living alone in New Jersey.What began as a lingering cough and shortness of breath that doctors diagnosed as pneumonia was actually late stage inoperable lung cancer.Our family was shocked because we incorrectly assumed only smokers get lung cancer and neither my mother or father ever had.

Although my relationship with my mother was strained, I chose to relocate from Manhattan, move in with her andeventually becomethe primary care giver.The decision was driven by necessity andthe circumstances were unfortunate, however for 20 months it was an incredible opportunity for both of us. The hours we spent talking, gossiping and learninghow precious a mother/daughter relationship is are ones I will cherish forever.

My mother is the inspiration for Lung Cancer Circle of Hope - the time I spent with her was a preciousgift however there were certain options our family did not have. We simply didnot know.LCCH's primary goal is to educate others about lung cancer in the hopes that no one else will face the shock we did.