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Operation Troop Aid


Premier care package provider to US Troops in harms way. Our Warriors are on arduous deployments, we let our Heroes know America stands with them.

Real Life

OTA is the Premier Care Package Provider to deployed US Troops. It was SEP 2001 when I started to chart the course of creating Operation Troop Aid, Inc. During the horrific attacks of 9-11, my shipmates and I watched as the second plane hit the WTC. We were on station and ready for any action required. After the events of 9-11, I received an e-mail from the military concert coordinators that GARTH BROOKS wanted to do a concert onboard and televise it nationwide on CBS. I was assigned and worked as the assistant coordinator. Upon transferring from that command to shore duty, I began to coordinate benefits for Toys for Tots and Military Appreciation on my off time. Then one night in late 2004, I had a dream and woke up and searched the internet for the name OPERATION TROOP AID. Finding it not used, I retained a lawyer, incorporated and received Non-Profit 501c3 status. OTA is a member of the Country Music Association. We need your help to reach out to all our Brothers and Sisters in harms way to let them know America Stands with them.