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Space Frontier Foundation


Dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement through support for education, space technology, development, scientific research, and grassroots public outreach and involvement.

Real Life

Founded in 1988, the Space Frontier Foundation is an advocacy organization committed to realizing the vision of a greatly expanded and permanent human presence in space. Space alone offers the resources necessary to ensure the survival and prosperity of our species for numerous generations to come.

To realize this vision, SFF hosts the annual NewSpace Conference, which brings together established industry leaders, government representatives, entrepreneurs, investors and students to discuss the current status of the emerging commercial space industry in Silicon Valley, CA. SFF believes commerce & company profits are what will drive humans deeper into the solar system, and the NewSpace Conference focuses on the right way to achieve these goals, making sure this growing industry benefits all those involved.

Also, SFF hosts two annual business plan competitions, one focused solely on students, and another focused on established professional entrepreneurs. These competitions have filled a critical need of connecting game-changing ideas to investment money that will help achieve those ideas. The Foundation believes that the more profitable companies that exist in space, the better--and we're doing all we can to create as many new companies as possible, and push existing companies forward.

Finally, SFF has a strong Political Action & Strategy team, which focuses on educating our nation's policymakers on the right and wrong ways to regulate this emerging industrial ecosystem. Targeted open letters, whitepapers, and an annual volunteer-based march on Capitol Hill are just three of the many things our policy team achieves.