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Charity International & Foundation Fund (CIFF)


Help those in needy-situations. Help those suffering and in pain. Be a part of the charity that insures a better life for those around us.

Real Life

Anton V. Shcherban cry from the heart ... SOS !!! SOS !!! SOS !!! Good day to all ... I almost never used the social networks, but a black stripe in our life made me sit down for these lines ... I never would have thought that will have to ask for help ... In our family came a great trouble with which we can not resolved. Our only beloved and long-awaited son Danya (4 years old) is ill ... The whole world is turned upside down in an instant and everything was gray and indifferent ... All our thoughts and efforts are directed only at how to help our beloved Honey ... doctors diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia blood. Here we have in the Ukraine, the doctors are not ready to promise 100% recovery of his son. Son treatments should be done abroad, in Belarus, but voiced the amount we can not afford .. .On treatment is needed 100,000 to $ 200,000 !!! We ask for your help !!! Urgently!!! Good people, help save our son! I'm so ashamed to ask for help, I'm not used to it in my life to ask for financial help! But there is no other choice for our family!!! The child is now in the Kiev Regional Hospital, where the diagnosis is if you can call it !!! He prepared for chemotherapy ... But not yet begun to do chemotherapy, there is a chance to cure him, and not to try to treat !!! But only Belarussii. Every minute counts !!! About Israel, USA, or Germany, I do not even speak. There will not be enough to cure even if to sell the property to all of our relatives together with people !!! I just beg you, help heal my son !!! We have currently only Privatbank card on which I ask you to make a donation for treatment Dani 4149497863192151 Irina Shcherban. If you can't please just pray