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Autism Treatment, Research, and Tools for Independence (May Institute)


One in 59 children has autism. May Institute is a leader in providing exceptional educational and family services nationwide for children, adolescents and adults. Everyone deserves a bright and hopeful future - help us change lives!

Real Life

At first glance, my 13-year-old son Austin looks like a normal kid. He plays with trucks, watches sports, loves his brother, and can never get enough chocolate.

A closer look reveals his challenges - how he struggles making friends, speaks out in class, overpowers conversations, and invades other people's personal space.

"That's just Austin," people said.

But Austin realized he was different and wanted to know why. I had questions, too. My post in the U.S. military caused us to move every few years, making us ask countless doctors these same questions, never getting answers.

Finally, one doctor used the term "high-functioning autism," but when we relocated to another base, we had to start from square one.

With autism in mind, I discovered that May Institute offers services for military families. After a comprehensive assessment, they confirmed Austin's autism diagnosis and gave us a treatment plan that worked for our family. I call it our roadmap.

Kim, Austin's behavioral therapist, is our navigator. She works with Austin on understanding social cues and building relationships. Kim helps him focus on his abilities, not his disability. Austin has learned that it's okay to be himself.

Generous donors like you give families successful and life-changing experiences like mine. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

~Laura, Austin's Mother