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New England Anti-Vivisection Society


Replacing animal research and testing with scientific alternatives that provide more humane and valid results for human health; supporting sanctuary for animals rescued from labs.

Real Life

Jeannie is a chimpanzee who spent the majority of her life in biomedical research, nearly 24 years. She was infected with HIV, frequently "knocked down" (anesthetized), and given repeated cervical biopsies. As her inability to cope mounted, she had a breakdown and spent the next two years withdrawn and heavily medicated for anxiety. However, the medication did not prevent her from having episodes during which she screamed, ripped off her fingernails, and thrashed about frightened and out of control.

Jeannie was finally rescued into sanctuary at the Fauna Foundation, where she began the long road to recovery. Today, Jeannie continues to have bouts of anxiety, but with the loving care she gets, has improved immensely and is calmer, more content, and social. The New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) provides funding to Fauna and other permanent sanctuaries for animals rescued from research.

Jeannie is one of the lucky ones, because she made it out of the lab alive. There are millions of animals in lab cages who still desperately need our help. Your contribution to NEAVS helps us rescue more animals from the suffering and waste of lives of animal experiments and advocate for humane alternatives.