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Organization Information

Daniel Pearl Foundation


Promote tolerance, reduce violence, and cultivate understanding internationally. Provide journalism fellowships for reporters from developing countries, youth-focused journalism training, and worldwide concerts that bridge differences.

Real Life

After Wall Street Journal reporter and musician Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan by terrorists in 2002, his family and friends came together to work toward a more humane world.

A non-profit organization was formed in Daniel's name to promote cross-cultural understanding, combat geographical and religious hatred, encourage responsible and creative journalism, and unite people through the universal language of music.

An unconventional optimist with a passion to broaden our vision of the world, Daniel Pearl earned respect around the globe as a fair and highly principled reporter and as a bridge-builder who traveled with his violin and mandolin, using music to bring people together.

Danny's story has touched thousands who never knew him. The circumstances of his death turned him into a symbol for countering the tyranny of hatred, while the principles by which he lived represented the best of American journalism and American goodwill abroad.

By promoting tolerance, dialogue, and the highest standards for the free press, the Daniel Pearl Foundation is working to empower voices of moderation world over and diminish the hatred that took Danny's life.